ONLY for WOMEN: 5 Signs That Your Man Cheated On You And Is Trying to Hide It

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What i am about to share is based on personal experience on how to catch a cheater and how not to be caught cheating.

It will benefit both the cheater and the cheated.

1. Traces of Lipsticks: When your man comes back home, swipe his chest, nippple, neck, and pe_ni$ with a white handkerchief, if he was with a ho or side chic, depending on the type of se_xual activity he was engaged in, it will show.

Tip For Guys: To avoid this, guys, take a shower after or scrub the parts of your body that you suspect your lady of easy virtue might have left her ‘trademark’.

2. Wet Boxers: Men like to perform a kind of ablution after se_x. If he just did before coming home his underwear will still be moist by the time he gets home.

Tip For Guys: To avoid being detected, guys, use a towel or a handkerchief to dry your JT and wait a little bit for your body to dry before putting on your briefs.

However, this could be difficult if you patronize a chic that stays in a face-me-i-face-you house or a brothel with a common bathroom, which might be quite a distance from where the action took place.

3. Smell of Strange Deodorants/Perfumes: If your man uses deodorants, roll-on, perfumes or whatever, you know the smell and if he doesn’t, you also know. This is to say that if he comes home with a feminine deodorant than the 212 men you know he uses, there is something wrong.

Tip For Guys: To avoid being caught, guys, don’t use your ‘other’ chic’s perfume or deodorant to freshen up especially when madam of the house can sniff/smell you from a million miles away based on what she knows you use. You can also have two bottles of each perfume you use: one in the car and one at home.

4. Smell of Condom: Latex condoms have this rubber kind of odor that they give. if your man just got intimate with another woman using a condom before coming home, you should be able to perceive a smell of condom. To discover this, you as a lady will need to read point number 5.

Tip For Guys: To avoid this, guys, take a shower/wash with soap after the encounter and apply a deodorant not different from what you use that your woman is aware of. Coming home smelling of a deodorant especially feminine that your woman cant relate with is another red flag on it own.

5. Offer Him $ex When He Comes Home: It takes men a while to gather enough momentum to perform another round of se_x after one episode. To find out if Papa Ada had been to Ndokwa Hotel after work, try to jump on him for se_x as soon as he comes back to ascertain his readiness for the encounter.

You know how strong his er*ction can be under normal circumstances and how willing he is able to accept your offer. if he starts giving excuses of workloads, his annoying boss and all that, then there is something wrong. There might be something wrong actually, which might not be s*x related but if he doesn’t get over it after eating and you have calmed him down then something for don happen.

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